C60 – What is it?

C60: Frequently Asked Questions
There are wonderful benefits associated with Carbon-60 and at the same time, there are many questions that arise regarding this carbon molecule. Some people wonder whether it is safe depending on the type of medium used to deliver it and others want to better understand it. Therefore, it is important to highlight the frequently asked questions about C60.
Is C60 Radioactive?
C60 is not radioactive but it can become radioactive if combined with carbon-14 which is a radioactive carbon isotope. There is possibility that you could substitute one or more carbon atoms in C60 with atoms that are radioactive.
What is the Difference between Research-Grade and Industrial C60?
The difference between the two is that research-grade C60 is manufactured in a lab while industrial C60 is not. Industrial C60 is the one that is mostly commercially sold. It is advisable that you buy research-grade C60 instead of the industrial C60. This is because industrial C60 may be fraught with a lot of harmful by-products.

What Color Should C60 Look Like in a Solution?
C60 will have the color purple-pink or magenta in a solution. When in an oil solution, C60 may have a darker color because of the color of the oil. Be cautious when you encounter black oil solutions because the solution may also contain some other impure forms of carbon. For hydrated C60, the water retains its color.
Is Carbon-60 a Carbon Isotope?
Carbon-60 comes from a family of carbon allotropes or carbon forms that are different. It is a fullerene. Allotropes and isotopes are different in the sense that carbon isotopes contain similar amount of protons but different amount of neutrons in their atoms. Carbon-60 is a molecule that contains 60 carbon atoms.

Can I Use it on My Pets?
There have been positive experiments done on all kinds of animals using pure C60 which has been properly dissolved in oil or water. Many people have confirmed that their pets appeared to have more energy and looked younger when given C60. Veterinarians also established that some dogs that were over the age of 9 functioned like dogs that were 3 to 5 years old. If you are hoping to give it to your pets, ensure that you administer the right dosage that goes along with their body weight.

Can I Water My Plants with Hydrated C60?
It is interesting to note that while animals and humans greatly benefit from non-oxidized forms of C60, plants are affected by it. Studies show that plants watered with hydrated C60 exhibited retarded growth from their roots due to abnormal distribution of plant growth hormone (auxin). More studies need to be conducted to establish whether other forms of C60 are good for plants.
Is it Safe to Take While Pregnant or Before Having a Baby?
Currently there is no research that has been done relating to taking C60 while pregnant or just before having a baby. There are only two experiments available that were done on pregnant and lactating rats which established that the C60 passes right through the placenta and breast milk. However, the forms of C60 used were toxic or bound to be radioactive which can cause damage. Therefore, it is safe for you not to use it while pregnant or before conception.