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C60 Health Benefits
Carbon 60 (C60) also known as buckyball, fullerene-60 or buckminsterfullerene is the most stunning discovery in chemistry in the late 20th century. It is considered to be the magic carbon molecule that has the potential to precede life on earth. While theoretically the C60 molecule can practically be used in everything such as in electronics, creating very strong materials and in rocket fuel, its most exceptional uses are in the field of health. There has been much speculation when it comes to C60 and it is important to understand it. A carbon-60 molecule consists of 60 carbon atoms that are arranged in a unique shape which is considered a carbon cage. The shape resembles a soccer ball and has 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons. It is this shape that enables C60 to have amazing properties. C60 was discovered in deep space which means that it predates life on the planet.

Carbon 60

Health Benefits of Carbon 60
Most of the research carried out on the C60 molecule was conducted on rat subjects. However, there is overwhelming evidence that supports the results in humans as well. Here are the health benefits of C60:
The most popular study concerning C60 is the Baati or Paris study which intended to test the toxicity of C60.The findings did not only reveal that C60 is non-toxic but also revealed that it increases the lifespan of rats by 90%. This finding may be due to the fact that Carbon-60 has a high affinity for both mitochondrial and cellular membranes. It works to protect these cellular structures which are essential to the lifespan of the cells. Some studies show that C60 that is water-soluble prevents mitochondrial dysfunction which increases lifespan, increases energy levels and provides the body with optimal health.
The studies conducted on the C60 molecule show that it acts as a sponge for free radicals by absorbing any that it encounters. Its antioxidant capacity is reportedly several hundred times higher compared to other antioxidants. Due to its amazing cage like shape, it can deal with free radicals continuously until they leave the system. Unlike traditional antioxidants that can bind molecule to molecule with free radicals, C60 can absorb dozens of them before it can no longer absorb them. Once the free radicals are bound to it, they are completely neutralized and do not interact with C60 or anything else. This makes it the best scavenger for free radicals.

Because C60 is a great scavenger for free radicals, it thereby implies that it helps in reducing inflammation. This is far more rewarding for people with arthritis. Water-soluble C60 suppresses inflammation in the bones and joints. It helps balance mitochondria which perfects the immune system of the body which in turn results in reduced bodily inflammation. By reducing inflammation in the body, C60 is great for managing symptoms of arthritis which is a great relief for people who have it.
C60 is increasingly becoming the go to carbon molecule in terms of enhancing health and more research is underway to determine more benefits. There are more health benefits such as boosting the body’s immunity and fighting bacteria and viruses. You can do further research to know for sure.